Wet Brush

Hair is most fragile and prone to breakage when it's wet. So always use the wet brush. It has special bristles that brush through easily without tugging or pulling out your hair!

Source: www.smallfryblog.com 

Source: www.smallfryblog.com 

Massage Your Scalp

Give yourself a scalp massage in the shower. It stimulates your hair growth and enhances the strength of your roots. Not only does it feel great, but it also increases the blood flow to your scalp. It is worth every minute!

Also, if you're at a salon, be sure to let your hairstylist know you want a scalp massage, and they will gladly do it for you.

Don't Sleep with Wet Hair!

Going to bed with wet hair is a hair care no-no. It ruins any chance of having a good hair day the next morning. Also, if the hair dries bent, it can cause intense breakage. I suggest drying your hair well before you hit the sack. If you like to let your hair air dry, consider showering earlier in the day.