10 Qualities of a Luxurious Hair Experience

When you visit a hair salon, you are paying for the experience as well as the end result— your new style. Based on feedback from my clients and followers, I've selected ten ways for you (hairstylists) to offer your clients an irreplaceable, luxurious hair experience! 

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1) Atmosphere- Create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere for your clients. During their three-hour appointment (or however long for which they are scheduled), they are your guest. It only takes a couple of minutes for your guest to have a meaningful experience. Make them feel special and give them your undivided attention. Offer a beautiful greeting with open arms and a huge smile on your face! 

2) Design- Whether you have a studio or a station at a salon, make sure you have a creative design for your space. Exemplify your personality with inspiring art, quotes, or pictures. After all, if you are a hair stylist, then you are a creative individual, and you should render your inner self visible! I like to display candles because it gives a campy, soothing feel. Additionally, I offer the most up-to-date fashion magazines as reading material.

3) Drinks- Offer complimentary tea, coffee, wine, or bubbly! It makes your “guests” feel pampered, and it shows that you care about their experience. Offering refreshments also gives them something extra to look forward to on the next visit.

4) Connection- Listen to your client, and make sure you understand their vision for their hair (unless they want you to create the vision)! Get a feel for whether or not the client wants to do most of the talking; if that is the case, listen and contribute when it feels right. Connect with clients by getting to know them on a more personal level. Don't make the experience awkward. Get to know them and their hobbies. If they aren't in a talkative mood, offer them a magazine or let them close their eyes and relax.

5) Comfort- In an earlier post (Take that Risk), I shared that I worked out of a home studio in which I had to wash out my clients' hair in my kitchen sink. Trust me; I know that you have to work up to having nicer things because I’ve been there. However, it is important to eventually have a nice chair and a nice sink! Make sure their head is at a good angle when you are washing them out; they might be afraid to tell you they are uncomfortable, so make sure you ask and reposition them as necessary!

6) Cleanliness- This one should go without saying but be sure to sweep and clean up after each client. Beauty school 101 teaches you to sanitize your tools; your client’s notice this! Before you start your day, be sure the floors are spotless, the chairs are clean, the mirrors are spotless, and all brushes and combs are hair free and sanitized.

7) Massage- Who doesn’t look forward to getting a scalp massage on their visit to the salon? Even if they don’t request it, take the time to give your client a long scalp massage; it's the best part of the experience because it is SO relaxing and good for you! Scalp massages increase blood flow, which promotes hair growth!

8) Music- Set a cool and inviting atmosphere by playing music. I generally have a Purity Ring playlist going because it is upbeat yet mellow and soothing. Choose a playlist that fits your personality and the vibe you want to give off. A quiet salon (no music) sets an awkward vibe and could make your clients feel uncomfortable.

9) Personality- Be exuberant and joyful. No matter how tired you are that day you need to be excited to see your next client! If you are negative, it will give your client a poor impression of your character and they may be less likely to book with you again or even recommend you. Remember: They are paying for the experience as well as the hairstyle; it is your job to be optimistic and make them feel special while they are in the chair!

10) Safety- Your salon or studio should be a in a safe location. You want your clients to be able to relax and not worry about their surroundings. Having a spacious and safe parking lot nearby is also a perk!

A high-end hair experience is more expensive because it is not rushed. Pamper your clients and give them a reason to come back and tell others about you! Make an impact and show them an experience they can't get elsewhere!


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My responses to three of your "Ask Larisa" questions:

1) Yasmine asked: "How is your relationship with your father now that you've proven him wrong? He must be proud of your success.

LL: I wish I could say it has gotten better, but my dad is extremely stubborn and still to this day says I should go back to school and become a nurse ! Shocking right?!! At times you can't make everyone happy, not even your parents, but the main person that should be happy is YOU and I'm blessed to say I am the very happy with my decision and absolutely love my career. Xo  

2) Jill F. asked: "First off, I love your work. My question is... how often do you go to classes or keep up on your education? I'm very passionate about our industry and love learning as much as I can. Also, do you ever consider educating? (Preferably in the Midwest as that is where I am!)

LL:  It's hard to believe, but I have never in my life taken any classes. I am self taught and keep my self updated by staying with and ahead of the trends as well as by not being afraid to try something new. I'm actually already offering classes. The first two are already filled up, but I will make an announcement once I start having more classes. Xo 

3) Devyne C. asked: "How do you know how to work with ash color without tinting their hair a blue or green?"

LL: Before you try it on your client, try different toners and lines on your close friends and family. Never experiment on your clients. You always want to be 100% confident with what your doing when it comes to clients. So have fun and play around with different lines and toners. Xo  

My secret to success is to give an experience that is so luxurious it will forever be remembered.
— Larisa Love