Overcoming Cyber Bullying

I've said it once, and I'll say it again. Social media is your new business card, especially in the creative industry! The more followers you obtain on social media, however, the more often you will encounter cyber bullying. Cyber bullying can refer to anyone that posts negative comments about you or directly to you with the intention of bringing you down. In our media-obsessed generation, cyber bullying will only progress over time. So, how do you handle the negative feedback without letting it affect your mood, productivity, and overall well being? Let me share a few of my own tips, and you can let me know how it relates to your experience or even share what has worked for you.



It is easy for others to judge you without even knowing you, and it will happen time and time again, so learn to stand up for yourself even in the difficult moments. When you do not respond to others' negative criticism, it gives them less power, and they will eventually move on. Unfortunately, people will try to fill their own emptiness by pointing out your flaws rather than crediting you for your talent. I know what you're thinking...but how do I NOT take something to heart that hits me so deeply and personally? My answer is this: Ask yourself if worrying about it is going to accomplish anything. If it is something that you can learn from, then acknowledge it, resolve it, and accept it. (Yes! It is as easy as that. Don't make things harder than they have to be!) If there is nothing you can do about it, then shift your focus to positive things and move forward. 


In most cases, you will find that others are attacking you for no better reason than for something that is happening in their personal life. I used to worry about the negativity that would surface in my social media feeds until I realized that there will always be harsh people in the creative industry. If you are in a competitive field, then you will need to accept that you are not always at fault for other people's reactions, and as soon as you learn to "roll with the punches" (for lack of a better phrase), you will be able to excel in your career and develop into a stronger individual overall. 


Most people will not insult you to your face. They find the extra courage to be negative behind the screen when in fact they do not know who you really are.  The good thing about social media is that it is as easy to "unfollow" someone as it is to "follow" them, so if they are hindering your growth as an individual, it may be time to hit the unfollow button and just move on. (Note: I would leave this option as a last resort.)

I understand that cyber bullying is a touchy subject, and although it was not easy for me to accept at first, the above tips have worked to my benefit. I would love to hear your input as well. We are all in this together, so feel free to share your feedback in the comment section below, and we can build each other up!


What topics do you want to read about in April? (Tutorials, Personal Life, Industry Tips, etc...?) Share some suggestions below, and I will keep them in mind for future blog posts!

We focus so much on our differences, and that is creating, I think, a lot of chaos and negativity and bullying in the world. And I think if everybody focused on what we all have in common - which is - we all want to be happy.
— Ellen Degeneres

My answers to three of your "Ask Larisa" questions:

1) Veda P. asked: 

"Hi Larisa! I was wondering if when you first got into the industry whether you assisted before having your own chair? If you didn't assist, why did you chose not to? I have recently graduated beauty school and am now looking for a job in a salon. Although I know I am skilled and trained very well, I feel like there are areas that I need improvement and could benefit from assisting another stylist. What are your tips when searching for a salon job as a new stylist? Thanks so much-- you're a huge inspiration.

LL: I was an assistant at Carlton hair salon for two months but felt I wasn't getting the right education from them, so I quit. I'm for the most part self educated. Practice makes perfect. My biggest tip when looking for an assistant position is be sure to ask lots of questions during the interview. Be sure to ask if they will be having an assistant program or AT LEAST taking the time to teach advanced skills and techniques. Also, be sure the salon is up-to-date with trends and be sure to look at the stylists work before heading to apply for an interview. Xo  

2) Ally K. asked:

"I have a couple questions about when you were saying you make sure to perfect your craft. If you average on about 3-4 clients and take about 3 hours for each, and they're back to back, what happens when you feel like you need to ash out the base, etc. Do you run late to your next client? Also what if you have a corrective color along with a balayage and cut. How do you make sure you have enough time? Sometimes I have clients that want an all over color and then change their mind the day of the appointment and want a full balayage. How do you go about that without running late to your next client and throwing the whole day off? Thank you!!"

LL:  I have been doing hair for 5 years now, so I know almost to the minute how much time I'll need with each client based on the thickness, length and their inspiration. As you advance in your work, you too will know how fast you work. Everyone works at a different pace, so if you can only take two clients a day right now ,then so be it. Remember quality over quantity. As far as the client changing their mind on what they want during their appointment is a no no for me. I have a consultation with each client over text before they come in for their appt. If they change their mind and want something more done then what I have time for, I simply let them know they can come back for that service Xo. 

3) Sarah S. asked: 

"I heard that you have a product line and have hair vitamins for healthy hair growth. Where can I find a link or your site to purchase products? I googled you, but I couldn't find a website with your products. Also, if you have any other tips for me, I would appreciate it. I have pretty thin hair that gets greasy over night but am trying to only wash my hair every other day. Any other ways to speed up the hair growth process?"

LL: Here is the link to the amazing hair vitamins. Or should I say magic hair vitamins!! They work wonders so be sure to take them daily religiously to see your insane results:


Also, I would suggest using dry shampoo in your hair to strip out the oils without having to wash your hair daily. My trick is to put dry shampoo in my hair when my hair is clean so when my hair starts getting oil the dry shampoo starts working automatically and dries up the oil before my hair has the chance to look oily. Xo