If only society really new

Have you ever been told that you shouldn't pursue your career as a hairdresser because you won't be able to support yourself? That hair is a hobby, but it could never be a successful career? I know I have been told that numerous times. Not only by society (the belief that you need a college degree to be successful), but also by family and friends. 

When you are told not to follow your passion, do yourself a favor, and don't listen. Embrace the challenge and continue to live an intentional life by doing what you love!

I'll share a recent example: I've been in the market to buy a house with my fiancé, Dylan. When we recently viewed a home, the agent looked at us judgmentally, and asked, "What do you do for a living?" I replied that I am a hairstylist, and Dylan shared that he is a music producer. The agent immediately nodded and condescendingly said, "OH, I see. HE is a music producer." It was obvious the agent was suddenly relieved by his assumption that Dylan, the music producer, was the reason that we could buy a home. What is wrong with this equation? The agent clearly assumed that I, as a female and as a hairstylist, could not afford to buy a home in Los Angeles. 

Why is it so hard for society to believe that hairstylists can be successful?

In short, hairstylists are underestimated because their career is generally not recognized as being profitable. Need proof? The Money and Careers section of the U.S. News and World Report tells us that: "Hairdresser is one of the occupations in the social services industry where workers earn tips. Still, they’re one of the lowest-paid professions on our list." 

Yikes! you cannot enter the beauty industry with this mentality. 

Can you relate to this statement? How many of you considered choosing a different career because you were discouraged? Better yet, how many of you continued to pursue the beauty industry and have found more success than you would have ever imagined? I want to hear your stories!

Hairstylists can make an AMAZING living and be blessed beyond belief, yet society looks down on us as if we are uneducated and inferior. It's time to shift this perspective. WE are educated and will never stop educating ourselves. WE can make an amazing living by showcasing our art and living a fulfilling life.

Maybe I am biased, but being a hairdresser is the best career in the world.

And here's why:

  • We get to make people look and feel amazing everyday.  
  • We change our clients' perspective about themselves and boost their self esteem. 
  • We get to be an artist and create art daily.
  • We go to hair shows, meet amazing friends, and are surrounded by inspiration. 
  • What else can you add to the list?
A snap shot from my recent hair show in Long Beach, CA.

A snap shot from my recent hair show in Long Beach, CA.

The fun never ends...Here are some of my upcoming hair shows. 

The fun never ends...Here are some of my upcoming hair shows. 

share your success stories in the comment section below.