Love at First Strand

My relationship with Dylan is a huge part of my life and who I am; it has been great to share that side of my world with you! I will continue to write about love this month, and when it comes to my readers, I know that you continue reading and following me because we all have at least one love in common: HAIR.

My career as a hair stylist is dedicated to teaching you to love and take care of your hair, so that you can always feel and look your best. Hair is a thriving industry because for most of us, hair is such an important characteristic that unveils our personality and maximizes our confidence. Hair is versatile: You can cut it, and it will grow back; you can completely transform the cut and the color; you can curl it, straighten it, braid it, or wear it up, etc. You can do whatever you want to your hair, and for the most part, it is not permanent; you can have fun and try new things...The possibilities are seriously endless and it is SO fun!

The health and style of your hair can easily change your entire look, and by loving your hair you're loving yourself.

How do you love your hair?

  • Well, to start off make sure you are trimming it every 6-8 weeks.
  • I also tell my clients NOT to overdo the heat factor. I know that some of you feel the need to blow dry, straighten, and/or curl your hair EVERYDAY, but I will urge you NOT to do it. I personally let my hair air dry and utilize great products that add volume and bounce to my hair.
  • Similarly, DON'T wash your hair every day; it strips the essential oils from your hair. Use a dry shampoo on your roots in between washes. 
  • In terms of coloring your hair, do your best to stay away from too much lightener! The lightener will eventually damage your ends, and you may have to cut off more than you want to.

As I stated earlier, you have the ability to have the hair you have always wanted. So show your hair stylist a picture of your inspiration and leave his/her chair with confidence. Once you leave, make sure you are doing your part with the upkeep (trims, less heat, less lightener, good conditioner, etc), and your hair will love you for it.

Hair transformations are hands down the best part of my job. If you're new to the blog, check out my first post "Hair is a Hobby, Not a Career" to learn how I began my hair career, and why I am so passionate about my work!

Here's are some recent transformations...

Doesn't her new bring out her beautiful features? Her hair is seriously feeling the LOVE.


My responses to three of your "Ask Larisa" questions:

1) Joelle B. asked: 

"Hi Larisa!! I'm a new stylist and after assisting, I am now behind the chair taking clients. I still feel like I'm not always sure what to do for the clients' hair or how to come up with a formulation to help them achieve the results they want. I was just wondering how long it took for you to become confident in your talent and really start to understand how formulation works and how to achieve results? I've had a couple clients come in and actually show me pictures of your work and my results were just not what I wanted them to be. I'm trying to not get discouraged but it's hard. Just wondering if you had any tips and pointers for a new stylist.

Thank you girl, always looking at your work. Such an inspiration!"

LL: Buy doll heads and practice formulations on them. You want to be 100% confident behind the chair instead of guessing. Practice makes perfect, so be sure to practice on doll heads, close friends, & family. The more you formulate, the better you will get. Xo 

2) Danielle C. asked:

"I've been following you on Instagram for over two years, but I live across the country. I'm not even in the beauty industry, but I am continually so inspired by your work. In the past year, your number of followers has grown substantially. Have you ever been concerned about your safety since you are so open about your work place and phone number? For curiosity's sake, Have you ever had to deal with a stalker or a creep?"

LL: You know I've never even thought abut that until now, and thank God I've never had anything crazy or scary happen to me. I have, however, have had followers recognize me in the streets which is a bit amazing! I have also had a few people stop by my salon to say hello. Xo 

3) Daniel H. asked: 

"I love your experience in color. Could you tell me what color removers you use? For example, for semipermanent and permanent as well as your high fusion color, such as as purple, blues, lavenders, etc. I would really appreciate it. I have a client that wants to remove her purple and then add green, and it seams like you do this all the time, so maybe you have a special way of doing it? Much help is great!"

LL: It's pretty difficult to remove fashion colors. Be sure your client knows to use a cleansing shampoo a few weeks before her appointment to remove as much of the artificial color as possible. I then normally use Pravana's artificial color remover, and then if necessary, a bleach wash.  Xo