Fashionable February: Bona Fide Beauty

It is Fashionable February, which means that every blog post this month will focus on what you and I love most: hair, style, and fashion! The media is convoluted with negative thoughts about appearance and what it means to be beautiful, and I want to mask that negativity with a positive frame of mind.

As a creative individual, you might find yourself asking the following questions: What does it mean to be fashionable? Am I fashionable? 

Breaking news: When you are not "fashionable" (in the comparing-yourself-to-celebrities sense) is when you are the most fashionable. The best way to discover your bona fide beauty is to be yourself. Don't confuse this with the common saying "beauty lies within." While that statement holds truth, beauty and fashion does take some effort (just don't lose your identity in the midst of that effort, you know?). I mean that you should BE and CREATE your own sense of fashion because being 100% authentic is the most fashionable outfit you can pull off. If blending in with others takes away from your unique identity, then jump off the bandwagon and emphasize your strongest qualities. 

Be EMPOWERING and be YOU. Take fashion into your own hands.

As a hair stylist, I apply this perspective to creating and reinventing new trends and colors, thus creating fashion in hair! Take your passion and recreate your own fashion (whatever it may be). Be the best at it and be authentic-- your hard work will pay off!

  • CLOTHES: I like to shop at thrift stores, Zara, H&M, and Free People, but 80% of my clothes are purchased online because I love Tokyo fashion, and I can find the edgiest clothes that Im almost positive no one else has. Plus, it is much cheaper than shopping at a high-end store. When it comes to shopping, eBay is my best friend. Aside from CHANEL (that is timeless and wearable at all times), I could care less about name brands. If it looks awesome, Ill wear it; I dont care if its $1 or $100!


  • SHOES: My boyfriend is 63and I am 53, so I always wear shoes with some sort of heel. I love flatforms and platforms or thick soled shoes because they are extremely comfortable and give me the height I want.

I find my style by learning more about who I am. As I mature and grow so does my sense of fashion. The truer I am to myself the more authentic my style becomes.

Can't view the video below? Watch it here.


I would love to hear what YOU think fashion is. How do YOU express yourself? Please share in the comment section below! ♡

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

My responses to three of your "Ask Larisa" questions:

1) Deisy S. asked: "I love how you do all these hair styles. You ARE great at it. You inspire me. I have a question: do you stay in Los Angeles?"

LL: Yes. I am located in Encino. I work at the Ubungalow private suites, but I am currently not booking new clients.  Xo

2) Linet K. asked: "Hi Larisa! Love your work and all your positive energy messages! What do you think is the best way to expand clientele? Word of mouth has worked best for me so far but wondering what other advice you may have? Thanks!"

LL: 2 words : SOCIAL MEDIA! It's booming and take advantage of the world being able to see your work on it. Xo 

3) Stacy C. asked: "Which haircuts/styles look well with a dramatic ombré hair color?"

LL: From bobs to long hair. As long as there is a good blend, all hair types work for a dramatic ombré. Xo