Babylights Tutorial

My followers have been asking for a tutorial video of babylights, and the wait is finally over! Trends are often recycled by taking a style that one is familiar with, but the technique evolves to offer a slightly different outcome. For instance, most people know what highlights are and what a balayage is, but when these two styles are recycled, you get a new fashion: babylights.

Do you want to learn a new technique, so that you can wear the latest style? Watch my video below to see why babylights are in such high demand. 

Babylights offer a low maintenance look because they blend into your natural hair color. That means when your color grows out, there won't be a harsh demarcation line. Babylights also add a lot of dimension and depth to any color.


I'd love to hear your feedback in the comment section of this post! Summer is on its way... Will babylights be your next hair style?


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If you look back in history of the women who are most memorable and most stylish, they were never the followers of fashion. They were the ones who were unique in their style, breakers of the rules. They were authentic, genuine, original. They were not following the trends.
— Nina Garcia

My answers to three of your "Ask Larisa" questions:

1) Frida M. asked: 

"I have two questions: I notice you always keep your hair color so vibrant. How often do you redo the hair color?  How do you keep it from breaking or damaging? High fashion colors are so hard to keep."

LL: I tone my hair once a month, and I add a clear gloss that seals the color in. I also make sure that I use great professional color protectant shampoo and conditioner as well as deep conditioning masks once a week in my hair.  Xo  

2) Melissa B. asked:

"I love all your short blunt hair cuts. My question to you is what tools do you use to achieve your blunt cuts? Do you razor cut at all, or is it just scissor? If it is scissor, what brand of scissors do you use?! Thank you!"

LL:  I use my 5.5" Creative Soul shears and only those. I cut, texture, and thin with them.  Xo 

3) Sarah E. asked: 

"I am a huge fan of yours; you are such an inspiration! I was wondering how you decide pricing? Especially with the new trends like balayage, ombre, sombré, and baby lights. Thank you!!"

LL: My rates start at $300-$1000 for color depending on length, thickness, texture & inspiration. Xo