Fashionable February: Predictive Upcoming Trends

Fashion changes on a daily basis. In the fashion industry, we like to stay relevant, with the current trend or even better, we like to STAY AHEAD of the trends, or even even better, we like to CREATE trends. My third "Fashionable February" post will therefore share my predictions for the up-and-coming hair styles emerging in spring and summer of 2015. (I'll write about fall and winter trends when that time comes.)

It goes without saying that hair changes with each generation. Consider the different eras; hair is SO much different now than it was in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. Some people still rock the retro looks because hair serves as a documentation of the way culture changes-- it demonstrates our freedom by projecting what is accepted vs. what is not. 

What is your favorite era when it comes to hair? My favorite decade for hair is NOW because of all the flexibility we have to express ourselves. We don't have to hide our creativity; we can share it with the world!


I predict that this spring and summer is all about warm and rich (what I like to call YUMMY) tones, such as:













I know what you're thinking: these colors are stereotypically more popular in the fall, but they are going to make an early appearance this year. 

The warm color tones are exciting because I LOVE rich tones. Why? Because in my opinion they have more shine, brightness, and richness. However, some people will stick with ash-beige tones (which are just as amazing on their own)! This style might best compliment your skin, and it's important to fit your hair to your lifestyle, too!


The balayage is going to remain a popular technique this summer as well. The effortless dimensional highlights that a balayage offers blends so naturally, which creates depth and promotes an easy feel to the hair. Check out examples of my balayage on Instagram


For the summer I'm predicting a lot of shorter-range-length haircuts (from the collar bone and shorter). If you are going for a shorter length, make sure to add textured cuts to give it a beachy vibe. Your hair is at risk of falling flat when you don't texture it, and you need that extra volume to achieve that "beachy vibe" definition. 


Summer 2015 is about expressing yourself and having the easy going, confident, almost-like-you-didn't-try-but you-really-did effortless feel when it comes to hair. 

The sunny days are just around the corner, so go to the salon and have fun with your hair! Don't be afraid to do something you normally wouldn't. You will be surprised how amazing you will look and FEEL after. 

So whip your hair back and forth and have an amazing, easy feel spring and summer. Xoxo


My responses to three of your "Ask Larisa" questions:

1) Gabriela L. asked: "I'm a 20 yr old stylist, who quickly moved to commission & I'm currently struggling with building clientele. Do you have any suggestions or tips that would help me with that?

LL: Social media is your new business card, so use it wisely. You can build a great clientele by showcasing your work to the world through social media. Be consistent and stay passionate. Xo 

2) Jeanett J. asked: "First and foremost, you are amazing at what you do! I love seeing your updates on Instagram, it makes me want to change up my hair every day. My question for you is: Is it possible to get black box colored hair lighter? I have not colored my hair in 6 months, but obviously the ends of my hair are still black. I went to see a hair dresser being that I wanted to go lighter (a few shades if only). She did not want to take the job, being that she thought she would ruin my hair. Any tips? Should I just wait until my ends are gone?"

LL: When I have a client that has box black color in their hair, I always suggest for them to grow out their hair virgin and then contact me for an appt. for the sake of their hair. Not only will it take multiple sessions to go a few shades lighter, but it will compromise the integrity of the hair. Also, it will be very expensive to do multiple sessions. My advice is grow it out, cut it off, and never dye your hair black again. Xo 

3) Brittany T. asked: "The whole time I was in beauty school I was told color does not lift color, but I've heard other wise after I graduated. I'm confused on which is right and afraid to make mistakes. Can you tell me your opinion on this matter?"

LL: My advice is to try it out for yourself! Take what you learned in beauty school and forget it all. Break the rules, and you will see magic happen. I have lifted color with color for years !! Never believe what you were taught until you try it out for yourself. Good luck. Xo 

You can take off your clothes, shoes & make-up, but the one thing you can’t take off is your hair, so be sure it always looks on point.
— Larisa Love