when to trust your stylist and not the internet: tips and myths behind salon hair care

Why do we invest so much money in our hair? I've said this before, and I'll say it again: Hair is a HUGE part of our identity. We wear it on our bodies every day, and it is an expression of who we are (not only to ourselves but also to others). Our investment in our hair goes beyond the color and cut we receive at the salon. In order to maintain shiny, healthy hair, we must use professional products. From shampoo and conditioner to hairspray, volumizer, and heat protectant, the products we use impact the overall integrity of our hair.

Here are some tips and myths to keep in mind for your next salon visit:

Tip #1:  Ask your stylist about the condition of your hair and ask what products they would recommend. For instance, if you have dry ends, they should recommend a mask to take home, or if you color your hair, they should recommend a professional color protectant shampoo and conditioner.


Think about it this way…If you spend a few hundred dollars on a color and cut, but you go home and use a non-color-protectant shampoo, you are going to strip your color SO much faster and ultimately damage your hair. Why would you want to undo your stylist’s great work and compromise your hair’s health?

Myth #1: You should purchase hair products online or from a drug store to get the lower sticker price.


No way! Some clients might say it's too expensive to purchase the products recommended by their hairstylist, but it’s actually worse if you buy hair products from a drug store at a lower price (even if the bottle falsely claims that it is "full of vitamins" and will "make your color last three times as long"). Buying UNPROFESSIONAL drug store products or online products can be dangerous and at times a product that is either filled with sulfates, is watered down, or is long past its expiration date.

Tip #2: Remember that professional hair products generally last for a long time, so the investment upfront will go a long way, and you will see a difference in your hair in between salon visits.


At times, clients tend to think hairstylists are trying to sell them something they don't really need just to make a sale, but that's not the case AT ALL. From a professional hairstylist's opinion, if we aren't trying to recommend a product for our clients to take home,  it shows we don't care about their hair. We are trying to help our clients take care of their color and the integrity of their hair as long as possible--to keep it as healthy as possible.


Myth #2: Your stylist will not know if you use salon-quality hair products, so you shouldn't budget it into your salon visit. 


Trust that your stylist always has your hair’s best interest in mind and remember to budget for some professional hair products prior to your visit. Not only will you and your stylist notice a difference, your hair care solutions will shine through and boost your brilliance. 

Moral of the story: We as professionals recommend the best of the best for our clients because we care. What is your favorite hair product? Share below!